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5 Generations

at the

Unique Family Tree

 I have found such a healing power being in nature! Everywhere I look I see Beauty and I am so lucky to get to enjoy it everyday where I live! I love to explore so I hike alot. I want to share some pictures and let all of you experience some of this beauty hoping it will bring Love and Healing to your Soul like it does mine.

Since I am a Taurus I like to be prepared! I made up a little kit that I could take everywhere with me that has everything I would love to have with me when I am away from home. I made some for my kids and we use them all the time. I made some extras if any of you would like a great preparedness, emergency or camping pack.

Emergency/Preparedness/Camping Pack

Emergency Preparedness 28 Item Camping Kit

Please note due to the hazard of shipping, the butane fuel is not included in this kit but has room to add one into the kit.

1. Happy Tours Pack

2. Mini Butane Outdoor Camping Stove, description below.

3. Matches

4. Rope

5. Led flashlight

6. Emergency Blanket

7. Rain poncho

8. Utility knife

9. Electrical tape

10. Tissues

11. Notebook

12. Pen

13. Mending kit

14. Super glue

15. First Aid Kit

16. Elastic support bandage

17. Anti-bacterial wipes

18. Lip Balm

19. Visine

20. Hydrocortisone itch cream

21. Neosporin

22. Lotion

23. Tooth brush and paste and floss

24. Hand sanitizer

25. Fingernail clippers

26. Tweezers

27. Benadryl

28. Pain relief

Colors and brands of products 3-28 may vary from the pictures. Most items have been unpackaged for lighter packaging, carrying and shipping.

The mini butane camping stove is for outdoor cooking. It is a light weight, portable, gas burner, easy ignition, built in ignitor allowing for easy start, no matches or lighter necessary, ready to use in less than 2 minutes, fillable gas chamber allowing for the quick set up and easy use, no attachments required, smallest, lightest, long lasting portable stove on the market. Lasts for approximately 50 minutes on high heat before next refill is necessary. The butane can shown in the picture has 20 refills.