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#5 Stress Relief

Posted on December 30, 2013 at 10:16 PM Comments comments (441)
Quit Trying To              Please Everyone!!!!!!!
One of almost every clients stresses is trying to please other people and taking on their crap!  You will never be able to be free and happy in your hot air balloon if you are weighed down with other peoples crap!!!! won't even be able to get off the ground!!!

So many of us do things that make us feel heavy just to keep peace with others.  We need only carry what is there for others.....but release others to their path.  When you do, you will feel lighter than you could have ever dreamed.  If they don't want to be friends anymore.....they were never a true friend anyway.  Find a different one!


We cannot ever have a beautiful garden if we choose to allow others to plant their weeds in it! Only we can protect our         beautiful garden...
       Our Happiness!

My wish for you is that you will only do the things that make you feel light and that you will clear your plate of everything else!  Also that you will attract people and friends into your life that love you....respect you....and lift you!  Let your light shine!