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An Amazing Testimonial!

Posted on May 31, 2012 at 5:17 PM
An Amazing Testimonial:
I met Pennie back in February.  I knew right away that she was special, but Ihad no idea the impact she would have on my life.  At the time I was suffering from severalhealth problems that were running my life. The night we met she put me in the LED lite bed.  I went into the bed a complete mess, tearsstreaming down my face.  I was at mylowest low.  As I laid in the bed, itfelt as though all the negative things were being pushed through and out ofme.  I could feel the new lifepenetrating deep inside of me, and I knew the healing process had begun. I laidthere in complete peace like I had never felt before.  After that first time in the bed I came outfeeling stronger both physically and emotionally.  I knew I was not fighting alone anymore and Iknew I was going to be OK!  The feelingsI felt are unlike anything I have ever experienced. Completelyindescribable.  I drove home that nightfeeling as though I was floating.  As anadded bonus side affect, I noticed that I could see much better thanusual.  My night blindness was not nearlyas bad.  I slept amazing that night.  None of the usual tossing and turning inpain, and no anxiety attacks!  The lightbed has continued to be a close friend of mine. I suffer from Scoliosis and very horrible knees, and the bed has takenaway 99% of my constant pain!
                Icontinued to work with Pennie at Renew You on several other healthproblems.  I got on some calming drops tohelp relieve and manage my anxiety.  Ihad tried every natural remedy as well as pharmaceutical options and nothinghad helped at all.  I’m happy to say thatI have gone from several panic attacks a day to only having two in the pastthree and a half months!
                I hadconstant chest pains, irregular heart beat and arrhythmias.  My heart would pound so hard it felt asthough it was going to burst out of my chest.  Through the scan we learned what was out ofbalance and how to fix it.  Some simpledrops under my tongue a few times a day and my heart is almost back to normalagain!
                I hadalso recently been diagnosed with Celiac Sprue Disease, an allergy togluten.  I was really struggling with thenew very expensive and very restrictive diet they had put me on.  With some knowledge from Pennie, we foundCeliac to be a misdiagnosis.  I actuallyhad parasites.  So with some drops, theyare going away and I can eat whatever food I want again!
                I camedown with pneumonia a while ago, so I went to Renew You and got somedrops.  As opposed to last time I had pneumoniaand I was down for more than 2 weeks, within a few DAYS I was feeling great.  About a week later I noticed a rather largelump between my arm pit and my breast. Given my past experiences with cancer I was quite worried.  Pennie discovered that the lump was actuallyjust clogged lymphs from being sick. After 3 days of using the T-Zone, the lump was completely gone!
                RenewYou has also helped my children.  Theyboth got really sick and I took them to the doctor.  I was told that they had strep throat andsent home with antibiotics anyways…. REALLY?!?!?!?  I took the kids into Pennie.  She tested them and found that they would bebalanced if they had bacteria detoxes. We started them on some drops and within hours I could already tell adifference in them.  They were botheating and drinking again!  Within 2 daysthey were back to happy healthy kids again!
                Myyoungest has had constipation problems since birth.  The older she gets, the worse it gets aswell.  Her doctor and I have triedseveral things with no success.  It hadbeen eight days since her last movement. The daily laxatives were obviously not working.  We got some drops from Pennie and WOW!!!  I gave her the first dose at 1 p.m., thesecond at 4 p.m., and by 5 p.m. she had completely filled three diapers!
My kids and I continue to work with Pennie atRenew You for many ailments.  With a combinationof the LED lite bed, the T-Zone, and several of the all natural drops availablewe have conquered my obstacles.  (Not tomention, made an amazing friend!)  I feelbetter than I have in years.  Plus it isso affordable.  I would have never beenable to afford all the tests and doctor visits to fix all the things that weregoing on with my health.  And who knowshow many results would have been wrongly diagnosed as well.  Thanks to Pennie and Renew You, I have myhealth back, which in turn has given me my life back!

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