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Day 4

Posted on January 4, 2016 at 12:23 PM
Today I am focusing on drinking more water!  Water is a cleanser and washes away toxins and waste.  Gross I know but it might help to think about a toilet.....if you pull the handle down quickly and let go the water and waste just swirl.  But if you pull the handle down and hold it allows more water to carry the waste away.  Bottom line if you don't drink plenty of water your body can become sick and dis-eased with toxic build-up.

So many of you are buying the detoxes on the front page of my website and I have had some emails wondering how they work.  Just a heads up……..nobody has EVER DIED or been hospitalized with homeopathy!!!!!  Less drops are best, sometimes if you take more than 4-5 at a time you can go through what they call a cleansing stage (getting worse before you get better).  It’s quicker that way, and you know they are working if you get worse, but I suggest taking lower amounts and detoxing slowly and gently and maybe just stay on them a little longer.  They have been used since the 1960’s and like everything you can find good or bad comments about it working.  For me and Shane, we had nothing to lose, we had tried everything else including oils and what we found was somethings are good and help, but the only thing that got rid of the problem was homeopathy.  Homeopathy is based on like heals like so when I put EBV drops under my tongue my immune system recognizes them as invaders and starts building up its armies to fight them.  When it does, it destroys the EBV hiding out in the body as well.  Drinking at least ½ of your body weight in ounces a day is the best way to flush them out and keep your system flowing.

Just a couple of powerful experiences with the detox drops.  Shane had horrible allergies non-stop for several years.  They determined he was allergic to every weed plant and substance in existence.  With the MSAS and the drops, he detoxed several layers like glyoxal from plastics, (he worked in a plastic plant), staph-strep, industrial toxins, domestic animal pathogens etc. but as of 12 years now he is completely allergy free and taking no medication!!!!! 

After educating ourselves on vaccinations, choosing not to buy into fear, knowing that God put herbs on earth to heal us and following our guts, my children have chosen not to vaccinate their kids.  I have 6 grandkids the oldest one is 7 and they have never been to a doctor for illness.  They have very strong immune systems and if they do catch something we test them and get them on drops and usually within 1-2 days it is gone.  Many of the moms I know have bought 5 different very inexpensive drops from me that are able to detox most illness very quickly.  They are staph-strep, pneumonia, genital group, viral immune stimulator and the whole body detox.  Now they are adding EBV as well.  So when I start to feel something coming on like a cold if I don’t have my MSAS handy, I start with 3 drops 3 times a day of each of them.  Usually I get better quickly and just stop taking them but I have found its best if you keep taking them and cut back 1 drop every 3 or so days and then just go off until you feel symptoms again.  These drops are very inexpensive and are good for years and we only take them if we feel something coming on then just put them back in the cupboard.   It is the easiest way I know of to stay well!

Love & Blessings!

Categories: Chronic Illnesses, Depression, Detoxes, Happiness, Health, High Energy Aids

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