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My Prayer In Troubled Times

Posted on October 4, 2018 at 1:25 PM
My Prayer For The World In Trying Times
Please bless all who are Happy or Sad. Please Bless All those who feel peace and those who feel fear. Please bless all who have lost loved ones and those who have loved ones who are struggling. Please bless all of us in sickness and Joy and Thank you for giving us a new beginning every day to choose to write a new story for our lives filled with Love, Happiness, Joy, Health, & Abundance Of All Good Things.  

Thank you for the sunrise each day telling us "Good Morning, I Love You!"  Thank you for beautiful blue clear skies and white puffy clouds. Thank you for Beautiful Sunsets, telling us each night, "Good night, I love you."  Thank you for all of the Beautiful Gifts of Nature and the time to ground and enjoy them.  

Thank you for helping us find the Good in Everything we see.  Thank you for Good Family & Friends who always love and support us and have our backs. Thank you for blessing all of us beyond measure with Hope, Love, Light and the Desires of our Heart.  

Categories: Happiness, Health, Self Empowerment