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I met Pennie back in February. I knew right away that she was special, but I had no idea the impact she would have on my life. At the time I was suffering from several health problems that were running my life. The night we met she put me in the LED lite bed. I went into the bed a complete mess, tears streaming down my face. I was at my lowest low. As I laid in the bed, it felt as though all the negative things were being pushed through and out of me. I could feel the new life penetrating deep inside of me, and I knew the healing process had begun. I laid there in complete peace like I had never felt before. After that first time in the bed I came out feeling stronger both physically and emotionally. I knew I was not fighting alone anymore and I knew I was going to be OK! The feelings I felt are unlike anything I have ever experienced. Completely indescribable. I drove home that night feeling as though I was floating. As an added bonus side affect, I noticed that I could see much better than usual. My night blindness was not nearly as bad. I slept amazing that night. None of the usual tossing and turning in pain, and no anxiety attacks! The light bed has continued to be a close friend of mine. I suffer from Scoliosis and very horrible knees, and the bed has taken away 99% of my constant pain!

             I continued to work with Pennie at Renew You on several other health problems. I got on some calming drops to help relieve and manage my anxiety. I had tried every natural remedy as well as pharmaceutical options and nothing had helped at all. I’m happy to say that I have gone from several panic attacks a day to only having two in the past three and a half months!

              I had constant chest pains, irregular heart beat and arrhythmias. My heart would pound so hard it felt as though it was going to burst out of my chest. Through the scan we learned what was out of balance and how to fix it. Some simple drops under my tongue a few times a day and my heart is almost back to normal again!

              I had also recently been diagnosed with Celiac Sprue Disease, an allergy to gluten. I was really struggling with the new very expensive and very restrictive diet they had put me on. With some knowledge from Pennie, we found Celiac to be a misdiagnosis. I actually had parasites. So with some drops, they are going away and I can eat whatever food I want again!

              I came down with pneumonia a while ago, so I went to Renew You and got some drops. As opposed to last time I had pneumonia and I was down for more than 2 weeks, within a few DAYS I was feeling great. About a week later I noticed a rather large lump between my arm pit and my breast. Given my past experiences with cancer I was quite worried. Pennie discovered that the lump was actually just clogged lymphs from being sick. After 3 days of using the T-Zone, the lump was completely gone!

             Renew You has also helped my children. They both got really sick and I took them to the doctor. I was told that they had strep throat and sent home with antibiotics anyways…. REALLY?!?!?!? I took the kids into Pennie. She tested them and found that they would be balanced if they had bacteria detoxes. We started them on some drops and within hours I could already tell a difference in them. They were both eating and drinking again! Within 2 days they were back to happy healthy kids again!

              My youngest has had constipation problems since birth. The older she gets, the worse it gets as well. Her doctor and I have tried several things with no success. It had been eight days since her last movement. The daily laxatives were obviously not working. We got some drops from Pennie and WOW!!! I gave her the first dose at 1 p.m., the second at 4 p.m., and by 5 p.m. she had completely filled three diapers!

              My kids and I continue to work with Pennie at Renew You for many ailments. With a combination of the LED lite bed, the T-Zone, and several of the all natural drops available we have conquered my obstacles. (Not to mention, made an amazing friend!) I feel better than I have in years. Plus it is so affordable. I would have never been able to afford all the tests and doctor visits to fix all the things that were going on with my health. And who knows how many results would have been wrongly diagnosed as well. Thanks to Pennie and Renew You, I have my health back, which in turn has given me my life back! Shayla Dodge

I had a bad case of shingles. Penny set me up with some drops and within days of using them the shingles cleared up, went away and never returned. It's been about four years now. Anytime I have a problem with my health she's the first one I call.

Pam S. in Chubbuck, Idaho

October 15, 2008

This is an attempt to list some of the experiences that we have had with help received for various health problems. We don’t understand how it works, we just know that we feel better after taking recommended supplements and various drops.

Doctors do the best they can, but so may times the medicine prescribed for various conditions are so toxic that it requires a pill or tablet to treat a problem created by that medicine. One example is blood pressure medicine both my husband and I have been prescribed. When tested along with other things, it was found to have adverse reaction for both of us. This was back in 2004 when I met Pennie Christensen at the Franklin County Fair. It was amazing to my sister and I that you could detect so many imbalances in us that we knew to be fact and yet it was such a natural way to help us. I t was March of 2006 before I got desperate enough to bring my husband for testing. Right off, the machine detected problems with his thyroid and high blood pressure. Above all, amoebas had been a constant problem. Well, think about it-you go to the grocery store, push around the well-handled cart, and sample food at various places throughout the store. Also, everything purchased in the store was handled by someone unpacking it and placing it on those shelves. Don’t forget the checkout where the clerk rings it up and someone else bags it for you. Need I say more?

Back to the high blood pressure: Back in July, 2007 after sinus surgery, my husband’s blood pressure rose dangerously high as it always does after any of his surgeries. Oddly enough, there wasn’t a doctor available to prescribe anything to bring it down, so he took 6 of the Cardio-Plus tablets that he had with him and in 20 minutes it was 20 points lower and at 45 minutes it was back to normal. I too suffer with high blood pressure and recently went to the Dr. for a pap smear, etc. and I had fasted for a blood test as well. My blood pressure was 150/92. After the exam, it was higher. So I went home and took the suggested amount of Cardio-Plus and 3 hours later went back and had it checked again and it was 133/92.

When we have thought that we were coming down with the flu or a cold, we were given suggestions as to which drops to take and within a day or two we were already feeling better. Pneumonia has been an ailment for my husband and female with urinary problems are amongst the conditions that have been helped for me. Only recently have I had insurance to cover doctor visits so you can imagine the relief when I found help without expensive bills to pay. Oh, and we must not forget the allergies that cause so much grief. Again,. When you identify imbalances, and following the suggestions given, you get major relief. So this is a rather vague description of how “Power Up Your Health Energetically” has helped us, but try it, it might really help and it definitely can’t hurt you!

Fay Duffy

Our Family has been using Pennie Christensen, her Meridian Stress Assessment System, and suggested natural products for 3 years. We have only been to the doctor’s office for scrapes, bumps and bruises. During that 3 years I provided daycare in my home. There were children coming into my home with tonsillitis, colds, the flu and a myriad of other illnesses. By taking the natural products Pennie suggested, when we felt something coming on, my family and myself never got sick. That was first testimonial to me of how good natural nutrition works. Since then we have continued taking products when needed.

One time my little boy of 5 years was sick with a fever. He had been sick for the day and into the night. The next morning, I called Pennie, she tested him and I got the detoxes he needed. By that night, his fever broke and within the next day, he was feeling much better. My cousin’s little boy who is 2 had a fever for 6 days. The doctors said it was a virus and there wasn’t anything they could do. The little boy was just sick with no life, he would just lay around and whine and want to be held. I called Pennie, she tested him, he took the drops. The next night was the first night in 6 nights that he slept. The next morning, he was up wandering around and interacting with his family, and feeling better than he had in a week.

I feel the tests she does gets to the root of the problem instead of guessing what is wrong or covering it with a bandaid (prescription drugs). I have so much confidence, and I’m grateful for what she has done for my family that I literally put the health of my family in her hands, I would not know what I would do if I didn’t have her to call on when we got sick.

Brenda Gifford

I love ReNew You! I have been using the t-zone consistantly and I offically have bladder control again!!!!!!! I also feel my muscles getting so much stronger. I have also been using the LED light bed, I feel so much better physically and mentally afterwards. It also gives me much more energy!

Susan Hart

That lightbed is the most amazing thing ever made!!! I had an experience in there way to miraculous to share, but I can tell you if you ever need emotional healing as well as physical, this bed can miraculously do it!!!!

Vicki Golightly

I had a bad case of shingles. Penny set me up with some drops and within days of using them the shingles cleared up, went away and never returned. It's been about four years now. Anytime I have a problem with my health she's the first one I call.

Pam S. in Chubbuck, Idaho

A 24 year old girl was continually tired and thought she probably had mono. She discovered that a study partner from two months ago was diagnosed with mono shortly after the study group dissolved and it was likely that the girl caught this illness from her because it is an airborne disease. She was also depressed and considered taking medication. Logically she knew that her life was great and she had everything she wanted but she continually felt feelings of sadness.

      After table: Later in the day after the use of the bed the girl felt a tremendous amount of energy. She had so much energy she didn't sleep that night. She was so happy and in a state of excitement that she kept wanting to tell her husband something that was exciting. But, nothing exciting had happened - she just felt the emotion of excitement. She has used the bed three times but just after the first use she was a happy girl and had all the energy she desired. The follow up use was because it feels so wonderful to be this new person.

A healthy woman of 36 was lying in the bed and could feel the sensation of a wave of light scanning her from head to toe to find any bodily weaknesses. It started from her head and went to her feet then returned to her head. It was warm and comforting.

A woman of 42 yrs. has a severe sinus infection and has been on antibiotics three times including an IV treatment with no success. She discontinued any further use because she did not want the harmful effects of more antibiotics.

      After table: Immediately after the use of the bed her nose began to drip and continued for several days. The blockage is clearing up on its own.

A woman in her early 40's has severe back pain and curvature of the spine. She said she is never out of pain and chooses to not take medication for the pain. She takes long walks in the morning to take her mind off of the pain.

     After table: She immediately felt relief of the pain after using the table. When she got home she went to her art studio and painted for 6 hours. She had not wanted to paint for over a year because it hurts so much to sit on the stool. Her husband came home from work and was concerned because the house was so messy. She told him she had been able to paint in the studio and he was so happy for her he didn't care at all about the house - He was thrilled for her!

A woman had been in an accident and severely injured one side of her face. It had been rebuilt through a series of 3 operations. It is very hard to breath out of one side of her nose and when she is tired one eye droops and gets red.

       After table: After use of the bed the first time she is able to breath out of the stooped side and her eyes look even. She also remarks about how much tighter her facial skin looks.

        A woman who had used it twice was told by friends who knew nothing about the bed that "her face just looks radiant".

        Problem: A woman of 36 had painful shoulder after over use lifting weights. She was experiencing deep pain. She laid in the table for 30 minutes.

    After table: She was nuances the rest of the day and even into the night. She didn't feel like eating the rest of the day. But, her shoulder was totally better and the pain was gone.

Suggestion: 15 minutes is enough time.

 D. L.

Dave has had psoriasis on his eyelid for 8 years and has tried everything Dr’s have suggested. After 3 times in the lite bed it is almost gone.

M. P.

I was using a fork to tenderize a roast and while stabbing the roast I stabbed my finger.

My finger started to bleed everywhere I grab some paper towel and put pressure on it, but it didn't stopped bleeding for an hour; by that time I was at the office and decided to get in the light bed, it hurt to bend my finger and it was all red and swollen. 

When I got out, It didn't hurt at all not even to bend it, there was still some redness but that went away within a few hours. Two days later it looks like a scratch and it’s a little tender to the touch. Otherwise I forget that I even did it.


So far, I feel lighter, and seem to have a little less neck, shoulder pain. I also feel less depressed. Wow

Holly - Salt Lake City, UT

Holly’s history: I dislike diagnosis because it puts labels on us that I feel can keep us stuck however for the sake of those who need to understand lifelong symptoms I will list them. I have been diagnosed with CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Immuno Dysfunction Disorder), Fibromyalgia, early Parkinsons, severe neck injuries causing severe arthritis in the neck and spine, PFO (Paten Foramen Ovale – hole in the heart), congestive heart failure, and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). There are a lot of emotional issues attached to these including PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) due to severe childhood trauma. Don't I sound like a fun package? Now it's easy to understand why I dislike labels. For any who are familiar with the symptoms of even 1 or 2 of these disorders, one can imagine the pain and suffering that had become a lifetime battle. As I improve in all these areas from the use of this lite-bed then it should be a huge boost to the hopes of millions of other sufferers.

One more comment. This is very difficult to state but I have never known what happiness feels like. I have times where I'm having fun but that is actually quite different. I felt what it was like to truly feel happy for 2 days after my 1st treatment (it actually hit me 24 hours after the treatment) and it's calmed down a bit since then but hasn't left me. I can hardly wait to see what continued treatments will do for me.

After first session in the lite-bed: I haven't noticed anything yet after the treatment (that's not to say something isn't happening though) but during it, my eyelids-especially on the left (place of most migraines) would not stop twitching/blinking. Also behind the left eye I kept seeing this "field of stars". A lot of colors of light in addition to the red, kept coming in. Immediately following I felt sort of "high" or "floaty" and a bit tingly. I'd love to try it more and see what could happen. now I have to give you a further update. After I sent off the email yesterday, I went for my swim and had an excellent one, then went to Claudia's center to help brainstorm and didn't get home until 10:30 p.m. Now the amazing part is that I never had to take my afternoon "Awakening" (gentle herbal stimulants) but was more clear-headed and energetic than I have been in a long time, for that length of time. It must help brain function somehow. And now this morning, I'm fully awake with brain function again and was by 8:00. That is a huge miracle for me as it can take some days until noon or even 1:00. Very cool!

J. P. - Layton, UT

J. had a mastectomy of one breast, lymph nodes removed and radiation. She is currently tasting metal in her mouth and believes her body is eliminating the metal toxins from the radiation treatment.

R.U. – Preston, Idaho had a cancer spot on his face that he was going to have removed for the third time. After using the light bed 3 times the pain and the mass were gone.

S.C. – Preston, Idaho injured his shoulder lifting weights. After using the light bed one time the pain was 90% gone and he was able to continue working out.

H. M. –Preston, Idaho had a case of severe depression, at a 10 being the worst. When she came out of the light bed she looked a foot taller and the depression had completely left.

“The level of service at is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”

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“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”

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